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Made in Austria

European produced on fully automated robotic production lines, this process ensures high quality, reliability and performance, even in low light conditions


High Module Efficiency

Module efficiency up to 15.94% acheived through advanced cell technology and manufacturing capabilities


Extended wind & snow load tests

Pass ASTM E330; Maximum wind speed: 197 km/h (safety factor 3) ( short side installation ≥ 2400 Pa guaranteed)


Positive power tolerance

Positive power tolerance of up to +4.99 watts deliver higher outputs.


Excellent weak light performance

3.5% relative efficiency reduction at low irradiance.



Potential Induced Degradation Test Certified According to IEC 62804


Prolonged aging test

2000 Hour damp heat test; 400 Thermal cycles


Corrosive Resistant

Robust design & materials ensures reliability whilst operating under the most extreme conditions such as marine or farming environments

Module Specifications

 Type Pmpp (Wp) Umpp (v) Impp (v) Uoc (v) Isc (A) cell efficiency module efficiency area per kWp
XPe 250 Poly 250 Wp 30.56 V 8.21 A 37.84 V 8.85 A 17.68 % 15.52 %  6.61 m²
XPe 255 Poly 255 Wp 30.72 V 8.30 A 37.96 V 8.87 A 17.96 % 15.73 %  6.48 m²
XPe 260 Poly 260 Wp 30.75 V 8.37 A 37.99 V 8.90 A 18.22 % 15.94 % 6.36 m²

Electrical Data

Item Specification
60 Crystalline Cells 156 mm x 156 mm
Connecting System Tyco-PV4, MC4 – compatible plug in connector 4mm²
Max System Volume 1000 V DC
Power Tolerance ( +5W / -0W ) Measurement: STC (Standard Test Conditions)
Temperature cooefficients Pmpp = -0.405%/K / Uoc = -114 mV/K / Isc = + 4.1 mA/K
Ambient Temperature +85°C to -40°C
Cable Length 2 x 1000 mm
Bypass Diodes 3pcs, Tyco SL1515

Technical Data

Item Specification
With Aluminum frame 1666 mm x 992 mm x 40 mm ( +/- 2mm)
Laminate 1659 mm x 985 mm x 4.5 mm ( junction box height 22.5mm)
Weight with / without frame  19.50 kg / 17.50 kg
Glass Specification  Solar Glass ESG 3.2mm with high-strength anti-reflective coating
Encapsulation Material STRE, Vistasolar
Backside Material Isovoltaic
Test Certificate IEC 61215, Ed 2 incl mechanical load test up to 5400pa, IEC 62730; IP65, MCS – Certificate
Extended hail test Grainsize 25mm, Max velocity of 46 m/s (165.6 km/h ) and
Grainsize 55mm, Max velocity of 33.5 m/s ( 120.6 km/h)
Salt mist corrosion test Min of 96 hours continuous exposure to a highly concentrated salt mist
Packaging 24 modules / pal. 672 modules / container.

250 – 260 Wp Polycrystalline Module


Enhance Photovoltaic Modules surpass all the quality standards stipulated in European markets. The products are manufactured exclusively in Austria using the very latest equipment. Our solar modules are delivered with innovative aluminium frames with flexible mounting options. These output and yield optimised solar modules are designed mainly for use in on grid systems.

Advantages of Enhance Photovoltaics Modules


  •  Product warranty of 12.5 years and a linear performance warranty of 25 years
  • Extremely solid (5400Pa), nevertheless very light weight module construction ( under 20kg)
  • Use of high quality components from branded manufacturers
  • Optimised weak light behaviour

Comprehensive Warranty

Market Leading 12.5 year product warranty

Linear Warranty

Guaranteed 25year linear performance. Min 97% after the first year, afterwards Max 0.6% reduction p.a up to 25 years

Intelligent Frame Concept

  • New 40mm frame with plastic edge connector
  • Robust structure and optimised weight
  • No sharp edges

Front & Back View

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