Module Production – Fully Automated by European Robotic Production Line.

Enhance Photovoltaic Modules surpass all international recognised quality standards and are produced by one of the world’s leading fully vertical integrated photovoltaic module producers on the worlds most advanced European produced fully automated robotic production lines, this process ensures exceptionally high quality, reliability and performance, even in low light conditions.

By choosing highly efficient Enhance Photovoltaic Modules you are taking no risks, a fully bankable module with a market leading 12 year insurance backed product warranty with a 25 year linear performance warranty ensures total peace of mind for generations to come despite working under extreme climatic conditions.

Automatic Glass Washing & Stress Testing Machine

Prior to production, each piece of glass is stress tested for any impurities and is also carefully washed and dried prior to the next process.

Automatic Soldering Lines

Unlike the majority of Chinese Manufactures Enhance Photovoltaic uses fully automated soldering lines which ensures consistent and homogenous quality & continuity.

String Electroluminescence (E.L.) Tested

Each String is electroluminescence (E.L.) tested prior to the next process.

Automatic E.V.A. Process and Cutting Machine

E.V.A. sheet is automatically administered and cut to size both prior and post soldering, cover strips are also placed at the top and bottom of the module to hide the cross soldered ribbons.

Automatic Back Sheet Process

A 0.35mm thickness back sheet contributes to stability and rigidity of Enhance Photovoltaic Modules, this process again is fully automated.

Further Electroluminescence (E.L.) Test Prior to Lamination

Prior to Lamination, a further E.L. test of all the cells is part of the module process, this assures us each cell within the module will work to its optimum efficiency after the lamination process and is free of micro cracks.

Automatic Lamination & Cutting

Each module is automatically laminated and then cooled within one homogenous process.

Automatic Taping and framing (no gluing process)

Unlike the majority of Chinese Manufactures Enhance Photovoltaics uses highly adhesive tape instead of adhesive which is automatically applied to the edge of the laminate, the framing is then automatically pressed and set in place by robots ensuring perfect finish. Using tape also results in no need for cleaning of surplus adhesive.

Junction Box Application

An IP 67 junction box with 3 by-pass diodes is connected, tested and hermetically sealed onto the back sheet complete with connection leads and MC4 connection set.

Further Electroluminescence (E.L.) Test Prior to Flash Testing

Prior to flash testing, a third E.L. test of the finished module is performed; this assures the finished module will work to its optimum efficiency for many years.

Automatic Flash Testing and Module Sorting

Using the latest European produced and certified flash testing apparatus, under standard test conditions modules are tested for performance and then automatically sorted to a + 3 tolerance and correctly labelled & packaged for safe shipment.

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